LibreItalia Conference 2018

After a great LibreOffice Conference, followed by the LibreOffice Hackfest held at modulE and the SFSCon in Bolzano sponsored by CIB, the LibreOffice community met again in Sanremo on December 1st, for the annual conference of the Italian supporters and contributors, members of the LibreItalia association.

Unfortunately CIB wasn´t able to attend the event, but thanks to all the LibreItalia social channels, we did have the opportunity to interact with all the attendees. LibreItalia was using a custom Telegram channel dedicated to the conference and the conference was commented via twitter using the hashtag #libreitaliaconf.

The mayor of Sanremo opened the session, sharing great interest in the importance of the digital culture, formats and open source software for citizens and students, too. Enio Gemmo, LibreItalia president, and the entire board talked about all the past initiatives of the ongoing year and the plans for 2019.

The speech of Francesco Di Costanzo, president of PA Social, presenting the activities and goals of the association that are pointing towards the development of new communication via social media in order to increase and improve the relationship between the PAs, companies and the citizens was really appreciated.

LibreItalia is strongly committed to schools! Therefore this years` session after lunch break was focused on schools, with reports on past and ongoing activities.

The conference could be the first step for bringing a new municipality to adopt LibreOffice and ODF.

Next meeting of the association will probably be between April and May 2019, in the beautiful city of Palermo.

We´ll hopefully be there.

Let´s CIB!

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Free Software Conference – SFScon

On Friday 16th we attended the SFScon, the most important and biggest Free Software conference in Italy, and a well known event all over Europe, too. We are proud to have sponsored this enlightening conference where experts from all over the world were discussing about free and open source software, community and innovative solutions for DevOps, AI and analitics, best practices and data infrastructure.

The conference was also an important networking opportunity and as well as a great place to advertise job offers. We left Bolzano with a lot of ideas for future projects!

Get an overall impression at the SFScon Website:

Paolo Dongilli, LibreItalia founder and FUSS project coordinator, won the SFS Award 2018 thanks to his commitment to the FUSS project.

The “Vertical Innovation Hackathon” meaning 24 hours of activities for creative developers was, with 80 attendees, also a great success.

Talks of our LibreOffice team during the best practices session: Collective action – come and see how LibreOffice got improved with public money! by Armin Le Grand –  and The Document Foundation – from the certification program to the Advisory Board ecosystem by Marina Latini.

Stay tuned for more insights and, of course:

Let’s CIB!

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CIB sponsor of SFScon

SFScon (the South Tyrol Free Software Conference) is one of the most important Free Software conferences in Europe, and CIB is proud to sponsor this edition. This annual conference is a full day established appointment for public administrations, citizens and private companies.

During the shared session in the morning the anouncement and celebration of the winner of the SFSAward will take place, a person who contributed to the introduction of the culture of Free Software in the province of Bolzano will be selected. The afternoon session is organized with four parallel tracks about “DevOps”, “AI & Analytics”, “Best Practices”, “Data Infrastructure & Workshop”. Additionally, on the very same day of conference the “Vertical Innovation Hackathon” will start: 24 hours full of activities for creative developers.

Our LibreOffice team, presented by Armin Le Grand and Marina Latini, will speak during the best practices session.

„Collective action – come and see how LibreOffice got improved with public money!“ This talk by Armin Le Grand will walk you through a sample of features and improvements funded by various public sector agencies across Europe. It will provide you with practical examples of these hidden gems and really useful features only available thanks to the public money invested in the improvement of LibreOffice. (seminar room 3, 4.15 – 4.30 pm.)

„The Document Foundation – from the certification program to the Advisory Board ecosystem.“ This talk by Marina Latini will show you why at TDF we created a certification program for growing an ecosystem of experts able to provide professional support. It will also provide information about the Advisory Board, the group that includes companies that are involved in daily life and improvement of the project. (seminar room 3, 4.30 – 4.45 pm.)

See you there!

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LibreOffice Conference 2018 in Tirana

The LibreOffice yearly conference is THE annual community meeting and a great opportunity to discuss and share ideas with contributors, companies and public administrations from all over the world.

Our team was involved in internal meetings like the board of directors and the community meeting. The board met the new elected membership committee and discussed strategies and plans for The Document Foundation. The community meeting offered the opportunity to discuss about the internal daily jobs and workflows of the LibreOffice community. As active contributors, we are more than happy to support the Foundation and the community itself.

With the official start of the conference we had the opportunity to meet Erion Veliaj, Mayor of Tirana, that opened the conference with his inspiring and welcoming message.

During the conference CIB presented the last features implemented and the services available also thanks to our LTS support and consultancies.


Our commitment to the project is not only focused on developing LibreOffice but we are involved in several areas.

We strongly believe in open standards and open formats like ODF for breaking the vendors lock-in. We recognize the importance of data security and privacy with digital signatures. A usable product in terms of user experience and accessibility should support new and modern desktop environments and our developers are working hard in order to achieve this goal. We provide our services and experience for large migrations to LibreOffice following the official TDF protocols and we also provide free support to final users for free.

You can discover more here:

Let´s CIB … and let´s LibreOffice!

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CIB sponsors LIBOCON 2018 in Albania!

Next week, September 26, the LibreOffice Conference 2018 in Tirana, Albania will finally start! As like in the previous editions CIB is sponsoring the event and members of our LibreOffice team will attend the conference presenting news and updates.

The CIB Team will use this opportunity for meet-ups, networking and conference talks. If you are interested in getting in contact with us – we´ll be glad to meet you there! The whole week´s programme is filled with interesting topics that have been prepared in collaboration with or by our LO colleagues. Stay tuned!

CIB sponsors LIBOCON 2018 in Albania! weiterlesen

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CIB at FrOSCon 2018

Die FrOSCon (Free and Open Source Conference) ist die größte Open-Source-Jahrestagung in Deutschland. Das CIB Team war dabei!

Dieses Jahr nahm die CIB, stellvertretend von Katarina und Thorsten Behrens von unserem LibreOffice-Team, an der Veranstaltung teil.
Katarina Behrens überzeugte mit ihren Work in Progress-Aktivitäten für eine bessere Unterstützung von LibreOffice auf KDE-Plasma. So auch Thorsten, mit seinem Vortrag zum digitalen Signatur- und Verschlüsselungs-Workflow mit LibreOffice.

Da die FrOSCon als bedeutendste Veranstaltung für die deutsche Open-Source-Gemeinschaft gilt, waren zehn unserer LibreOffice-Projektmitarbeitern dabei. Denn jedes persönliche Treffen ist eine gute Gelegenheit zum Austausch von Wissen und Ideen!

Sehr erfreulich bei der FrOSCon ist die Kinderecke FrogLabs, mit Workshops und Aktivitäten von Jugendlichen für Kinder und Jugendliche im Alter von 9 bis 16 Jahren. Dort werden die Kids und Jugendlichen an die Technik in Form von Programmierungen von Augmented-Reality-Spielen, Elektronik mit Mikrocontroller und Schaltungen und Robotik mit LEGO Mindstorms herangeführt.

Nächster Veranstaltungsbesuch von Seiten unserer Kollegen im LibreOffice Bereich vom 25.-28.09.2018 auf der LibreOffice Conference in Tirana!

Let´s CIB!

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CIB wird zum Sponsor von OASIS

Unser Beitrag zum Dokumentenstandard ist eine gute Gelegenheit, den freien Informationsaustausch auch in komplexen und professionellen Arbeitsabläufen zu verbessern. Man orientiert sich dadurch weniger an den Werkzeugen oder der verwendeten Software sondern konzentriert sich auf die tatsächlichen Inhalte der bereitgestellten Dokumente.

Interoperabilität ist ein Merkmal eines Produktes oder Systems, dessen Schnittstellen vollständig verstanden werden, um mit anderen Produkten oder Systemen zu arbeiten, sei es heute oder in Zukunft, in der Implementierung oder im Zugriff, ohne jegliche Einschränkungen. (aus

CIB wird zum Sponsor von OASIS weiterlesen

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Moin LibreOffice!

Ab morgen heißt es wieder: „Hackfest meets Hamburg

Vier unserer CIB LibreOffice Entwickler sind auch an diesem Wochenende wieder unterwegs. Treffpunkt, das bekannte St. Pauli. Es stehen Trainings- und Schulungsrunden zu aktuellen Themen auf der Agenda. Eine der Mentoring-Sessions wird von unserem Experten Armin Le Grand gegeben. Austausch von Expertise, Know-how und den neusten Erfahrungen im LibreOffice-Umfeld stehen ganz oben auf der Tagesordnung.

Wir wünschen unseren Kollegen viel Spaß.

Let´s CIB!

CIB & die Landeshauptstadt München

Neues aus "Querdenker im Dialog:

2017: Wir können auf ein sehr erfolgreiches Jahr der Zusammenarbeit zurückblicken. Hier ein paar Fakten dazu:

  1. Es gab eine neue Ausschreibung im Bereich LibreOffice – diese haben wir gewonnen und sind nun bis Ende 2020 der Partner der LHM im Bereich LibreOffice, Wollmux und Makros.
  2. Über das komplette Jahr 2017 wurden über 800 PT für die LHM geleistet, davon mehr als 40 % im November und Dezember.
  3. Die Teamstärke wurde im Verlauf des Jahres von 2 auf 12 Teammitglieder erhöht.

CIB & die Landeshauptstadt München weiterlesen