CIB attends the South Tyrol Free Software Conference – SFScon 2019

With 18 editions, 318 talks and a total of 291 speakers, SFScon, the annual European Free Software conference for public administrations, citizens and private companies is scheduled from November 15 to the 16. CIB is proud to be once again at this year´s event.

Several good reasons to attend the conference:

• a list of interesting talks scheduled in eight thematic tracks
• the Digital Technologies B2B, a parallel business event for companies, research centers, start-ups, HR specialists, decision makers, and students
• the NOI Hackathon SFScon Edition, a 24 hour event established by investors and creatives in order to present their innovative projects and product ideas aimed at improving people´s lives
• the annual SFS Award, a celebration dedicated to the person who contributed to the introduction of the Free Software culture in the Province of Bolzano
• November 15: five parallel tracks on “Open Data Hub, Analytics & AI” “DevOps & Cyber Security”, “IoT & Robotics”, “Contributing to FLOSS & OW2” and “Agile Open Innovation”
• November 16: three parallel tracks on “Open Data Hub & Smart Cities”, “Cultural Change” and “FSFE Community”

CIB talks

Marina Latini, a member of our LibreOffice team, will take the opportunity to speak at the Cultural Change session about “LibreOffice Online for collaborative research, e-learning and digital training in the cloud”.

This talk will show you the potential of the industry-leading open source office suite, how it can be used for collaborative researches, trainings and business activities within an on-premises as well as cloud environment. For the most curious and technically talented attendees, it will also be possible to see how to integrate the office suite in our existing solution CIB doXiview, adapting LibreOffice Online just to the user’s needs.

Speaker: Marina Latini
Room: Seminar room 2
Date: 16/11/2019
Time: 12.00 – 12.20
Further Information Official page

We´re hiring

Don´t forget to update your CV! CIB is hiring and we have plenty of opportunities waiting for you.

See you there and have fun! Let’s CIB!

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CIB auf der LibOCon 2019

Wie jedes Jahr war CIB beim Jahrestreffen der LibreOffice Community als Hauptsponsor dabei. Die LibOCon fand dieses Jahr in der südspanischen Hafenstadt Almería statt.

Das LibreOffice powered by CIB Team trug in Zusammenarbeit mit weiteren LibreOffice-Kollegen mit spannenden Präsentationen zum regen Austausch auf der Konferenz bei. Unter den vielen Neuerungen im Projekt stieß der vom CIB-Team verbesserte PDF-Export, die Standardisierung von ODF 1.3, sowie die Integration von LibreOffice powered by CIB in unsere Lösung doXiview auf besonders großes Interesse. Sie ermöglicht das direkte Bearbeiten von Dokumenten im Browser, über den LibreOffice Online Editor.

CIB ist mit einem Team von Entwicklern, Trainern und Migrationsexperten mit jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung in Codebasis und Produkt einer der größten Mitwirkenden im LibreOffice-Projekt. Darüber hinaus sticht CIB als Anbieter von LibreOffice mit Langzeitsupport in der Open Source Landschaft hervor.

Wir konnten von intensiven Workshops und einem bereichernden Networking profitieren. Neben Gesprächen mit potentiellen Kunden nutzten wir die Gelegenheit, um die CIB Gruppe insgesamt und Einstiegsmöglichkeiten in unser Unternehmen an unterschiedlichen Standorten vorzustellen. Das freudige Ergebnis: Wir konnten bereits mehrere Bewerber für unsere Büros in Valencia, Gran Canaria und Teneriffa gewinnen.

Apropos gewinnen: Neben weiteren Give-aways durften glückliche Teilnehmer unseres Gewinnspiels jeweils ein Raspberry Pi im schicken CIB-Gehäuse mit nach Hause nehmen!

Ein besonderer Dank geht an das LibOCon-Team, das neben einer spannenden Konferenz auch Teambuilding-Aktivitäten wie das gelungene Hackfest oder den bezaubernden Stadtrundgang unter der andalusischen Sonne organisierte.

Hier finden Neugierige alle weiteren Fakten und Zahlen rund um das Open Source Event!

Save The Date: LibreOffice feiert nächstes Jahr den zehnten Geburtstag und openSUSE den 15. Jahrestag. Damit wird die LibOCon 2020 im kommenden Jahr in Nürnberg ein wichtiger Meilenstein für beide Projekte. Wir freuen uns darauf! 

Let’s CIB!

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CIB sponsors LibreOffice Conference in Spain

This year the LibreOffice Conference 2019 (LibOCon) will take place from September 10 to 13 in Almería, Spain. The conference is the main annual meeting for the LibreOffice community and ecosystem. As in the past, CIB is proud to be one of the main sponsors again.

If you are attending the conference, don’t forget to check your conference bag; you will find several gadgets as well as information about our products and offers. Take a look at your raffle ticket and find out if you‘ve won one of the special and exclusive prizes!

Before the conference don’t forget to install the mobile app doXisafe, directly available for free from Google Play and App Store.

Our LibreOffice team will present the latest updates and developments sponsored by CIB. You can find the timetable here or on doXisafe by entering the code libocon2019timetable.

And there‘s more! If you are looking for a new job opportunity bring your CV! Our recruiters will be there scouting talents for our offices in Valencia, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Let’s CIB!

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CIB announces LibreOffice on the Microsoft Store

Munich, August 8, 2019 – CIB, the innovation leader for output and document management, announces the availability of two different LibreOffice packages for the Microsoft Store: the first – a TDF branded version – is called LibreOffice Vanilla, while the second is called LibreOffice powered by CIB and is a CIB branded version of the software.

The two packages – which are based on the latest LibreOffice release from The Document Foundation – allow Windows 10 S users to easily download and install the leading free office suite for personal productivity on their PC. TDF branded version relies on the global LibreOffice community for assistance and help, while LibreOffice powered by CIB also provides online support, automatic updates and security fixes for 18 months.

“The package for the Microsoft Store extends LibreOffice powered by CIB product range for Windows, macOS and Linux, based on the following products: LibreOffice powered by CIB for Business, a business optimized version of LibreOffice; LibreOffice powered by CIB LTS (Long Term Support), focused on the needs of large organizations deploying LibreOffice as the cornerstone of their desktop productivity; and LibreOffice Online powered by CIB, a solution for the private cloud of organizations“, says Ulrich Brandner, CEO of CIB.

Applications on the Microsoft Store use the new generation packaging format MSIX/APPX, simple and secure, and are ready for deployment in Windows 10 S and beyond. Windows 10 S mode is a simplified version of Windows 10 for security and performance which offers the same experience. To improve security, it only allows Microsoft Store apps and requires Microsoft Edge for browsing.

CIB – with offices in Germany and Spain – is currently one of the largest contributors to LibreOffice development, with a global multilingual team with decades of hacking and consulting experience on the code base and the product. In addition, the company offers professional services for migrations and training, and fast-response support only for LibreOffice powered by CIB.

For additional information:

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Press Release: CIB and Crust Technology announce partnership

Munich, June 20, 2019 – CIB and Crust Technology today announced a partnership to create the LibreOffice Online “Corteza” distribution, a free production grade release of the LibreOffice Online software. All software development will be carried out within the Document Foundation, the custodian of the LibreOffice project, while packages will also be made available via Corteza, the Digital Work Platform for Humanity and upstream distribution of Crust. 

As one of the principal long-term contributors to LibreOffice, CIB were the obvious choice of partner for this projectsays Niall McCarthy, CEO of Crust Technology. “We’re excited to play our part in building a top class LibreOffice Online integration for the completely free and independent Corteza project by helping with various user interface and user experience improvements within LibreOffice Online and by providing the necessary storage and identity infrastructure within Corteza”.

We’re very excited about this opportunity, with the vast functionality and potential of LibreOffice Online being delivered in Cortezaremarks Thorsten Behrens, head of the LibreOffice team at CIB. “Free software took its time, but this marriage of LibreOffice and Corteza certainly delivers on a bright future for private Digital Work platforms. We are proud to enable users to make use of Open Formats, giving them full control over their content and data.

The LibreOffice Online “Corteza” distribution is targeted for release at the beginning of September 2019. At the same time a version for enterprises of “LibreOffice Online powered by CIB” will be made available for the commercial Crust platform.

Link to press release:

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LibreOffice Community Meeting Spanien

Nach FLISoL, LibreItalia und dem Community Meeting in Deutschland zeigte sich CIB nun auch in Valencia! Am 25.05. fand dort das erste Treffen der spanischen LibreOffice Community statt.

Die Veranstaltung richtete sich an ein breites Publikum und setzte sich vor allem aus interessanten Vorträgen zu verschiedenen spannenden Themen zusammen, wie z.B. die Migration von LibreOffice in valencianischen Behörden. CIB spielte hier als einer der wenigen Anbieter von LibreOffice mit Langzeitsupport eine besondere Rolle.

Außerdem wurde das Event dazu genutzt, sich innerhalb der Community besser zu vernetzen und die Geschäftsbeziehungen in Spanien auszuweiten – mit Erfolg!

Die kommende Veranstaltung, an der wir teilnehmen werden, ist die OW2con’19 in Paris! Seid gespannt auf Neuigkeiten zu CIB Lösungen!

Let’s CIB!

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LibreOffice: four open source weekends

FLISoL, LibreItalia conference, German and Spanish community meetings

In April and May we demonstrated our commitment towards the open source community: dedicating four weekends completely to LibreOffice and its local communities!

15° FLISoL (Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre)

On April 27, CIB attended the the largest Latin American Free Software advocacy event aimed at all types of audiences. For the first time it took place in Munich, Germany. The aim: to share experiences and knowledge about free and open source software with conversations, demos and workshops. Our team contributed with a speech about LibreOffice and the improvements available thanks to the commitment of German public administrations.

Have a look at our presentation.

German LibreOffice community meeting

The following weekend, from May 3 to 5, our team joined the German LibreOffice community meeting organized by The Document Foundation at Linuxhotel in Essen. The aim: This annual fixed date represents the opportunity to summarize what has been achieved during the last year and to plan new activities.

LibreItalia Conference

Focusing on the international rather than just the German market, relationships with other LibreOffice communities are constantly growing. For this reason, from May 11 to 12, we attended the 6th LibreItalia Conference, the annual meeting of the Italian LibreOffice community which took place in Palermo, Sicily.
The aim: This year’s edition was not only focused on LibreOffice, but also on other communities like OpenDataSicilia, Mozilla Italia or Ubuntu Italia. The event was a great opportunity to learn more about the different ways to work and interact with the open source communities as well as introducing the new OASIS ODF Advocacy Open Projects.

Next step: Spanish LibreOffice community meeting in Valencia on May 25.

Let’s CIB!

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CIB sponsert Open Projects

Offene Standards mit ODF und Open Source mit LibreOffice powered by CIB

OASIS ist eine internationale Non-Profit-Organisation, die die Entwicklung, Konvergenz und Übernahme von E-Business-Standards vorantreibt. Kürzlich wurde die Einführung von Open Projects angekündigt, was uns als stolzen Sponsor von OASIS natürlich besonders interessiert.

Open Projects ist das erste Programm seiner Art und zielt darauf ab, die Welt von Open Source und Open Standards zu verändern und die beiden Gebiete enger aneinander zu bringen. Im Rahmen des Programms wurde die OpenDocument Format (ODF) Advocacy angekündigt. Sie dient der Förderung des weltweit führenden Dokumentenstandards ODF, der von OASIS selbst entwickelt wurde. Der Standard wurde von der ISO anerkannt und stellt den permanenten Zugriff auf Dokumente sicher. Dies wirkt dem Problem der Interoperabilität entgegen, vermeidet so die Abhängigkeit von bestimmten Herstellern und reduziert Lizenzkosten. CIB ist nicht nur Sponsor des Projekts! Unsere Entwickler arbeiten auch aktiv an ODF und haben mit über 300 Änderungen zum bald erwarteten ODF 1.3-Standardupdate beigetragen. Außerdem haben wir mit LibreOffice powered by CIB eine starke Lösung zur Verarbeitung von ODF im Portfolio.

Weitere Open Projects zu verschiedenen spannenden Themen, u.a. Blockchain, werden in den kommenden Monaten angekündigt.

Let’s CIB!

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LibreOffice powered by CIB – We improve it!

For enterprises and professional deployments, CIB develops and provides you with LibreOffice powered by CIB, the certified long-term supported version of LibreOffice. On top of that, additional services are not limited to a verified and supported productivity software. The LibreOffice team at CIB is offering you several professional services like custom development, trainings, adoption and migration plan with an initial assessment. All these services are provided by certified trainers, developers and certified migration consultants. The full package assures a better LibreOffice adoption and integration in your daily workflow with the best user satisfaction.

The Document Foundation is not providing support services for LibreOffice, but has developed and is maintaining a certification system for professionals.

There are three different areas of certification: the developer, the professional consultant and the professional trainer.

From the definition provided by The Document Foundation, a certified developer “is able to hack LibreOffice code to develop new features or provide L3 Support to enterprise users, researching and developing solutions to new or unknown issues, designing and developing one or more courses of action, evaluating each of these courses in a test case environment, and implementing the best solution to the problem. Once the solution is verified, it is added to LibreOffice source code.” “[…]part of their certification is peer reviewed by the Certification Committee and the Engineering Steering Committee, based on criteria defined by the Engineering Steering Committee.”

Also according to this definition, the group of certified LibreOffice developers at CIB are skilled and capable to provide a working solution able to satisfy any user or customer need.

Thanks to his great commitment and experience, the LibreOffice certified developers team at CIB includes now Serge Krot. The full team of certified experts was already composed of Armin le Grand, Jürgen Funk, Katarína Behrens, Marina Latini, Michael Stahl, Oliver Specht, Samuel Mehrbrodt, Thorsten Behrens and Vasily Melenchuk.

With that recent addition, we have an even stronger team to provide our customers, partners and everybody interested with great services.

Let´s CIB!

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LibreOffice powered by CIB @ Linux Pro Magazine

Am 15.12.2018 wurde die neueste Special Edition des Linux Pro Magazine mit dem Thema #LibreOffice veröffentlicht.

CIB ist als kompetenter Partner und langjähriger Supporter von LibreOffice natürlich in der Ausgabe vertreten und gleich mit zwei Anzeigen dabei.

On 15.12.2018 the latest special edition of the Linux Pro Magazine concerning #LibreOffice has been published. 

As a competent partner and long-time supporter of LibreOffice, CIB is of course represented in the issue with two advertisements

Die Ausgabe kann hier gekauft werden/Get your copy here:
Print Magazine / Online Magazine

Let’s CIB!

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