LibreOffice powered by CIB – We improve it!

For enterprises and professional deployments, CIB develops and provides you with LibreOffice powered by CIB, the certified long-term supported version of LibreOffice. On top of that, additional services are not limited to a verified and supported productivity software. The LibreOffice team at CIB is offering you several professional services like custom development, trainings, adoption and migration plan with an initial assessment. All these services are provided by certified trainers, developers and certified migration consultants. The full package assures a better LibreOffice adoption and integration in your daily workflow with the best user satisfaction.

The Document Foundation is not providing support services for LibreOffice, but has developed and is maintaining a certification system for professionals.

There are three different areas of certification: the developer, the professional consultant and the professional trainer.

From the definition provided by The Document Foundation, a certified developer “is able to hack LibreOffice code to develop new features or provide L3 Support to enterprise users, researching and developing solutions to new or unknown issues, designing and developing one or more courses of action, evaluating each of these courses in a test case environment, and implementing the best solution to the problem. Once the solution is verified, it is added to LibreOffice source code.” “[…]part of their certification is peer reviewed by the Certification Committee and the Engineering Steering Committee, based on criteria defined by the Engineering Steering Committee.”

Also according to this definition, the group of certified LibreOffice developers at CIB are skilled and capable to provide a working solution able to satisfy any user or customer need.

Thanks to his great commitment and experience, the LibreOffice certified developers team at CIB includes now Serge Krot. The full team of certified experts was already composed of Armin le Grand, Jürgen Funk, Katarína Behrens, Marina Latini, Michael Stahl, Oliver Specht, Samuel Mehrbrodt, Thorsten Behrens and Vasily Melenchuk.

With that recent addition, we have an even stronger team to provide our customers, partners and everybody interested with great services.

Let´s CIB!

CIB wünscht frohe Weihnachten und ein Prosit Neujahr

2018 geht so langsam zu Ende und Weihnachten steht vor der Tür. Wir blicken auf ein ereignisreiches Jahr zurück.

CIB verabschiedet sich vom 24.12.2018 – 04.01.2019 in den Betriebsurlaub und ist ab 07.01.2018 wieder für Sie da. Unser technischer Support steht Ihnen während der Feiertage zur Verfügung.

Auf diesem Wege möchten wir uns bei allen Partnern, Kunden und Mitarbeitern bedanken und wünschen allen ein besinnliches Weihnachtsfest, erholsame Feiertage und einen guten Start ins neue Jahr!


Christmas is near and we are looking back on an exciting 2018.

Starting 24/12/2018 until 04/01/2019 we are closed due to company holidays.
We will return on 07/01/2018 with the regular working hours. Our technical support will be available during the holiday season.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, relaxing holidays and a Happy New Year.


Let’s CIB 2019!