Fedora Women´s Day München – at modulE powered by CIB

On October 19th, with the support of the local Fedora Diversity & Inclusion Team, we invite you to attend the Fedora Women’s Day (FWD), an event created to highlight and celebrate the women in open source communities like Fedora and their invaluable contributions to their projects and community.

The FWD will take place at modulE powered by CIB, the space for startups, events and more…

It’s an opportunity to learn about free and open source software and jump-start your journey as a FOSS user and/or a contributor. It also provides a platform for women to connect, learn, and be inspired by other women in open source communities and beyond.

This meetup is open to all the attendees and is not a “women-only“ event. As the seats are limited don’t forget to register via Eventbrite.

Check the program:

5:30 – 6:00 pm Open Source and why it matters!
(Speaker: Marina Latini AKA deneb_alpha)
The Open Source Initiative (OSI – https://opensource.org/) is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018 and the talk will provide an introduction to the importance of open source, free software and knowledge sharing in open source projects.
6:00 – 6:30 pm Getting started with Fedora!
(Speaker: Bhagyashree Padalkar AKA Bee)
Learn about Fedora- an open source Linux distribution and how you can download a custom Fedora streamlined for your needs. Are you a student and want to build your skills? Have you always wanted to contribute to open source projects but never knew how to? We will talk about different paid and volunteer opportunities within the Fedora community and in other open source projects.
6:30 – 7:00 pm Behind the Open Web – a long journey of Mozillians
(Speaker: Manel Rhaiem AKA Mermi)
Manel is an open source contributor since 2011 and is actively involved in Mozilla. She will talk about Mozilla (the company behind firefox), different opportunities to contribute to Mozilla and her open source journey.
7:00 – 7:30 pm How to cook your own open source event
(Speaker: Florian Effenberger AKA floeff)
Eight years ago, the idea of open source cooking in Munich first was on the table and since then took place over a dozen of times already.
After the first meal it became clear immediately: You indeed can apply the principles of free software communities to other areas of life. Many contributors working jointly on a common goal, each of them bringing in their individual skills and interests, to create something delicious and tasty many benefit from – lots of fun for everyone included!
Created as a rather, well, “spontaneous” idea during our open source meetings, many free software enthusiasts nowadays bring their kids and family along to meet, cook together, have a good time and lots of fun, all of that (mostly far away from smartphones, computers or wifi).
In this talk, Florian gives an overview of open source activities in Munich, shares some wild ideas for the future and explains why open source and cooking have more in common than you may actually think. Bon appétit!
7:30 – 9:00 pm Hackathon, networking and pizza!
After the introduction talks we will start the hackathon session, supporting the attendees with the first
contributions, sharing knowledge and some tasty foods!
Join us and have fun!

Register now!

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CIB´s contribution to LibreOffice 6.1.1

LibreOffice 6.1.1 is here, have a look and discover how CIB contributed to this new release:

On Thursday last week, 13.09.2018, The Document Foundation announced LibreOffice 6.1.1 and CIB is glad to be one of the companies behind the development of the new version for early adopters, technology enthusiasts and power users.

The team provided several improvements and fixes to LibreOffice and the users can leverage some of the interesting new features introduced within this sprint:

  • In Writer it is now possible to generate a signature line

and furthermore it is possible to sign the signature line with a digital certificate.


  • An improved LibreOffice QT5/KDE5 integration is available – just have a look at the entire presentation


Enterprise deployments

As The Document Foundation stated, “LibreOffice 6.1.1 represents the bleeding edge in term of features for open source office suites, and as such is targeted at technology enthusiasts, early adopters and power users”.

For enterprises and professional deployments, CIB provides LibreOffice-powered-by-CIB, a certified Long Term Supported version of LibreOffice and other professional services like custom development, trainings from certified trainers and certified migration consultants for a better LibreOffice adoption.

More information needed: https://libreoffice.cib.de

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Unser Bürogebäude in Las Palmas: Ein Haus mit Geschichte

Die ehemaligen Bewohner der Calle Perojo 29 besuchten letzte Woche die Räumlichkeiten der CIB labs auf Gran Canaria. Anwesend waren vier der sechs Geschwister, die, genauso wie ihre Eltern, in Perojo 29 geboren wurden, sowie deren Kinder und Enkel. 

Uli Brandner und mehrere CIB Mitarbeiter nahmen die Mitglieder der Familie Pérez Rodríguez in Empfang, die aus dem Staunen nicht mehr herauskam. Unser Bürogebäude in Las Palmas: Ein Haus mit Geschichte weiterlesen

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Die Anwendungsmöglichkeiten der künstlichen Intelligenz entwickeln sich immer schneller. Großkonzerne investieren Milliarden in die Forschung.

Auch die CIB entwickelt Lösungen auf Basis von künstlicher Intelligenz: DeepER. CIB sponsert SERVUS KI! FESTIVAL weiterlesen

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Einstieg bei CIB: unsere neuen Mitarbeiter erzählen

CIB wächst! Unsere neuen Mitarbeiter haben wir zum Einstiegsprozess und ersten Aufgaben bei der CIB interviewt. Einstieg bei CIB: unsere neuen Mitarbeiter erzählen weiterlesen

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Berufsorientierung an der Uni Las Palmas

CIB war beim Firmentreffen „Encuentro EII Empresas“ dabei!

Etwa 80 Studenten und Absolventen (Informatik und Doppelstudium Informatik- Betriebswirtschaft) trafen sich in der Uni Las Palmas (ULPGC), um sich von 10 Top Firmen, unter denen natürlich auch CIB labs, beraten zu lassen.

Unser Team, vertreten durch Noelia Sapena und Alberto Rivero, hielt einen kurzen und spannenden Vortrag über die Geschichte, Philosophie und Ziele von CIB. Dies weckte die Aufmerksamkeit vieler Studenten, die uns später an unserem Stand besuchten. Ihr großes Interesse an unserer Firma und insbesonders an den BPM-, Cloud- und Mobile-Projekten hat uns sehr gefreut.

Erste Bewerbungen sind schon eingetroffen!

Keep on growing and let´s CIB!

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