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Offene Standards mit ODF und Open Source mit LibreOffice powered by CIB

OASIS ist eine internationale Non-Profit-Organisation, die die Entwicklung, Konvergenz und Übernahme von E-Business-Standards vorantreibt. Kürzlich wurde die Einführung von Open Projects angekündigt, was uns als stolzen Sponsor von OASIS natürlich besonders interessiert.

Open Projects ist das erste Programm seiner Art und zielt darauf ab, die Welt von Open Source und Open Standards zu verändern und die beiden Gebiete enger aneinander zu bringen. Im Rahmen des Programms wurde die OpenDocument Format (ODF) Advocacy angekündigt. Sie dient der Förderung des weltweit führenden Dokumentenstandards ODF, der von OASIS selbst entwickelt wurde. Der Standard wurde von der ISO anerkannt und stellt den permanenten Zugriff auf Dokumente sicher. Dies wirkt dem Problem der Interoperabilität entgegen, vermeidet so die Abhängigkeit von bestimmten Herstellern und reduziert Lizenzkosten. CIB ist nicht nur Sponsor des Projekts! Unsere Entwickler arbeiten auch aktiv an ODF und haben mit über 300 Änderungen zum bald erwarteten ODF 1.3-Standardupdate beigetragen. Außerdem haben wir mit LibreOffice powered by CIB eine starke Lösung zur Verarbeitung von ODF im Portfolio.

Weitere Open Projects zu verschiedenen spannenden Themen, u.a. Blockchain, werden in den kommenden Monaten angekündigt.

Let’s CIB!

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CIB visiting FOSDEM 2019

A new edition of FOSDEM (Free and Open source Software Developers‘ European Meeting) just ended. Our CIB LibreOffice team this year was represented by Thorsten Behrens, Michael Stahl and Marina Latini.

The event is held annually during the first weekend of February, at the „Université Libre de Bruxelles„. For our team, attending FOSDEM means to be involved in a full week of meetings and collateral events related to LibreOffice and other open source communities.

This year „The Document Foundation“ changed the ordinary schedule, organizing the majority of the internal meetings before the conference itself started. Like the company is actively involved in the LibreOffice ecosystem, the outcomes were really good, including for CIB.

The week started with the well established two-day Hackfest on January 30th and 31st. These days, our team also attended the Certification Committee and the Board of Directors“ meetings

The „LibreOffice Certification Program“ organized by „The Document Foundation“ certifies the growth and the expertise of all the professionals who are constantly involved in the LibreOffice ecosystem. The main focus is professional support for development, training and migration to LibreOffice. We can provide certified CIB Support for each area guaranteed by the certification program.

Friday 1st was a whole day of meetings with the Board, the Membership Committee and the team.  From Saturday 2nd on, CIB was attending the two-day conference: In the „Open Document Editors devroom“ Michael Stahl was presenting the important changes done for improving the Traced Changes. The full recording with the slides is available here. Thorsten Behrens was presenting how to Cross-build LibreOffice for x86 architecture with Docker. Click  here for the presentation and slides.

After the technical presentations, our team ended the first day of FOSDEM with the annual community dinner, a nice networking evening at „Betacowork Coworking Brussels“. Three different kinds of pasta were directly cooked by the „LibreItalia community“ together with our Marina Latini.

The last day of FOSDEM was a great networking opportunity to meet in person several community members and companies involved in the open source ecosystem. From 12 till 15 o´ clock the LibreOffice certification exams took place – and we are proud to announce that Katarina and Thorsten Behrens were certified as LibreOffice professional trainers.

Stay tuned for more insights and…

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LibreOffice powered by CIB – We improve it!

For enterprises and professional deployments, CIB develops and provides you with LibreOffice powered by CIB, the certified long-term supported version of LibreOffice. On top of that, additional services are not limited to a verified and supported productivity software. The LibreOffice team at CIB is offering you several professional services like custom development, trainings, adoption and migration plan with an initial assessment. All these services are provided by certified trainers, developers and certified migration consultants. The full package assures a better LibreOffice adoption and integration in your daily workflow with the best user satisfaction.

The Document Foundation is not providing support services for LibreOffice, but has developed and is maintaining a certification system for professionals.

There are three different areas of certification: the developer, the professional consultant and the professional trainer.

From the definition provided by The Document Foundation, a certified developer “is able to hack LibreOffice code to develop new features or provide L3 Support to enterprise users, researching and developing solutions to new or unknown issues, designing and developing one or more courses of action, evaluating each of these courses in a test case environment, and implementing the best solution to the problem. Once the solution is verified, it is added to LibreOffice source code.” “[…]part of their certification is peer reviewed by the Certification Committee and the Engineering Steering Committee, based on criteria defined by the Engineering Steering Committee.”

Also according to this definition, the group of certified LibreOffice developers at CIB are skilled and capable to provide a working solution able to satisfy any user or customer need.

Thanks to his great commitment and experience, the LibreOffice certified developers team at CIB includes now Serge Krot. The full team of certified experts was already composed of Armin le Grand, Jürgen Funk, Katarína Behrens, Marina Latini, Michael Stahl, Oliver Specht, Samuel Mehrbrodt, Thorsten Behrens and Vasily Melenchuk.

With that recent addition, we have an even stronger team to provide our customers, partners and everybody interested with great services.

Let´s CIB!

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LibreOffice powered by CIB @ Linux Pro Magazine

Am 15.12.2018 wurde die neueste Special Edition des Linux Pro Magazine mit dem Thema #LibreOffice veröffentlicht.

CIB ist als kompetenter Partner und langjähriger Supporter von LibreOffice natürlich in der Ausgabe vertreten und gleich mit zwei Anzeigen dabei.

On 15.12.2018 the latest special edition of the Linux Pro Magazine concerning #LibreOffice has been published. 

As a competent partner and long-time supporter of LibreOffice, CIB is of course represented in the issue with two advertisements

Die Ausgabe kann hier gekauft werden/Get your copy here:
Print Magazine / Online Magazine

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LibreItalia Conference 2018

After a great LibreOffice Conference, followed by the LibreOffice Hackfest held at modulE and the SFSCon in Bolzano sponsored by CIB, the LibreOffice community met again in Sanremo on December 1st, for the annual conference of the Italian supporters and contributors, members of the LibreItalia association.

Unfortunately CIB wasn´t able to attend the event, but thanks to all the LibreItalia social channels, we did have the opportunity to interact with all the attendees. LibreItalia was using a custom Telegram channel dedicated to the conference and the conference was commented via twitter using the hashtag #libreitaliaconf.

The mayor of Sanremo opened the session, sharing great interest in the importance of the digital culture, formats and open source software for citizens and students, too. Enio Gemmo, LibreItalia president, and the entire board talked about all the past initiatives of the ongoing year and the plans for 2019.

The speech of Francesco Di Costanzo, president of PA Social, presenting the activities and goals of the association that are pointing towards the development of new communication via social media in order to increase and improve the relationship between the PAs, companies and the citizens was really appreciated.

LibreItalia is strongly committed to schools! Therefore this years` session after lunch break was focused on schools, with reports on past and ongoing activities.

The conference could be the first step for bringing a new municipality to adopt LibreOffice and ODF.

Next meeting of the association will probably be between April and May 2019, in the beautiful city of Palermo.

We´ll hopefully be there.

Let´s CIB!

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Free Software Conference – SFScon

On Friday 16th we attended the SFScon, the most important and biggest Free Software conference in Italy, and a well known event all over Europe, too. We are proud to have sponsored this enlightening conference where experts from all over the world were discussing about free and open source software, community and innovative solutions for DevOps, AI and analitics, best practices and data infrastructure.

The conference was also an important networking opportunity and as well as a great place to advertise job offers. We left Bolzano with a lot of ideas for future projects!

Get an overall impression at the SFScon Website:

Paolo Dongilli, LibreItalia founder and FUSS project coordinator, won the SFS Award 2018 thanks to his commitment to the FUSS project.

The “Vertical Innovation Hackathon” meaning 24 hours of activities for creative developers was, with 80 attendees, also a great success.

Talks of our LibreOffice team during the best practices session: Collective action – come and see how LibreOffice got improved with public money! by Armin Le Grand –  and The Document Foundation – from the certification program to the Advisory Board ecosystem by Marina Latini.

Stay tuned for more insights and, of course:

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CIB sponsor of SFScon

SFScon (the South Tyrol Free Software Conference) is one of the most important Free Software conferences in Europe, and CIB is proud to sponsor this edition. This annual conference is a full day established appointment for public administrations, citizens and private companies.

During the shared session in the morning the anouncement and celebration of the winner of the SFSAward will take place, a person who contributed to the introduction of the culture of Free Software in the province of Bolzano will be selected. The afternoon session is organized with four parallel tracks about “DevOps”, “AI & Analytics”, “Best Practices”, “Data Infrastructure & Workshop”. Additionally, on the very same day of conference the “Vertical Innovation Hackathon” will start: 24 hours full of activities for creative developers.

Our LibreOffice team, presented by Armin Le Grand and Marina Latini, will speak during the best practices session.

„Collective action – come and see how LibreOffice got improved with public money!“ This talk by Armin Le Grand will walk you through a sample of features and improvements funded by various public sector agencies across Europe. It will provide you with practical examples of these hidden gems and really useful features only available thanks to the public money invested in the improvement of LibreOffice. (seminar room 3, 4.15 – 4.30 pm.)

„The Document Foundation – from the certification program to the Advisory Board ecosystem.“ This talk by Marina Latini will show you why at TDF we created a certification program for growing an ecosystem of experts able to provide professional support. It will also provide information about the Advisory Board, the group that includes companies that are involved in daily life and improvement of the project. (seminar room 3, 4.30 – 4.45 pm.)

See you there!

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Summary: LibreOffice Hackfest 2018 in Munich

The LO hackfest 2018 in Munich has been a great opportunity for improving LibreOffice and to strengthen the community.

The overall motto of these events that are organized around the globe by the community is always „knowledge sharing and having fun“! More than 30 attendees took part during the three days of activities by hacking around LibreOffice or discussing about improvements, strategies and much more. 

This edition was hosted at modulE, the new open space powered by CIB, and was organized by CIB in cooperation with The Document Foundation.

The event started on Friday 26 with the introduction of the attendees and the list of goals to be achieved during the event. And as every hackfest is a moment of fun too, Anxhelo Lushka, Mike Saunders, Florian Effenberger and Marina Latini turned, after the introduction warm-up, into cooks and prepared different pastas for everybody.

Saturday was a full day of hacking and the results confirm that all groups worked hard in order to maximize the effort and take advantage of the opportunity to meet in person and work together face to face.

An excellent finish was the walking tour in the old part of town that offered the opportunity to explore some architecture and history.

Great event: Happy hacking at CIB!

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CIB in Barcelona

In der vergangenen Woche nahm CIB, vertreten durch Marco Girona, an dem Event Digital Cities, Digital Freedoms: Common Digital Ethical Standards and Free Software for Cities teil.

Die gelungene Veranstaltung diente der Diskussion über die Auswirkungen neuer Technologien auf den urbanen Lebensraum und die damit verbundene Notwendigkeit von Standards und freier Software für die Einwohner.

Organisiert wurde die eintägige Veranstaltung von der Leiterin der Kommission für Technologie und digitale Innovation der Stadt Barcelona in Zusammenarbeit mit Decidim Barcelona, SokoTech und der FLOSSBCN-Community.

Es war die perfekte Gelegenheit sich mit den anderen Teilnehmer aus dem IT- und öffentlichen Sektor zu vernetzten und CIB vorzustellen.

Let’s CIB!

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A summary: Fedora Women’s Day

On October 19, we hosted the first Fedora Women’s Day in Munich at modulE. The event aims to increase awareness of the importance of having communities that will wellcome every potential contributor, even if inexperienced or new to the topic.

The event was co-organized with the support of the local Fedora Diversity & Inclusion Team  speakers from many other communities were involved. It was great opportunity to exchange ideas, improvements and share different point of views or ways to handle similar topics in the communities.

Our very own, Marina Latini opened the session with an introduction of CIB, the event host, and the importance of open source, just during the 20 years celebration of OSI.

Bhagyashree Padalkar introduced the attendees of Fedora and how to contribute to the Fedora Project while Manel Rhaiem shared her experiences at Mozilla. Just before dinner, and as closing session, Florian Effenberger analyzed the parallelisms between an open source community and an open source cooking.

For further details just have a look:

  • Slides from Marina Latini and Bhagyashree Padalkar
  • Slides from Manel Rhaiem
  • Slides from Florian Effenberger

Have fun and share your knowledge!

Let´s CIB!

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